YSI Business

Who's Involved, What They Do, What You Can Do

The Yukon Science Institute is a volunteer-run organization. This year it received major funding from Yukon Tourism & Culture - Cultural Services Branch. Additional funding comes from membership fees, donations of services, and fund-raising activities. The Yukon News and the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre are significant supporters of YSI.

The YSI Board of Directors meets approximately monthly. If you are interested in serving as a director or in volunteering your services, please contact us at (867) 667-2979.

Our next AGM will take place in fall of 2015.

Lori Schroeder is the Yukon Science Institute coordinator. You can reach her at lschroeder at klondiker.com.

Current YSI Board:

Richard Annett, President
J.P. Pinard, Vice President
Tim Koepke, Co Secretary-Treasurer 667-4015 tim@klondiker.com
Louise Legault, Co Secretary-Treasurer 668-5782 llegault@northwestel.net
Ian Church, President Emeritus 633-4609 Ian_church@northwestel.net
Peter Ion
Chris Hawkins
Lisa Knight
Isobel Ness
Aynslie Ogden
Bob van Dijken

Yukon Science Institute
P.O. Box 31137, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 5P7
Phone: (867) 667-2979
Email: yukonscienceinstitute@gmail.com