Yukon Celebrate Spring Home Page 2011

After a long winter in the Yukon, the arrival of Spring is something to celebrate! The days are longer and warmer ... there's a special feeling in the air ... all nature seems to be coming alive...

Yukoners celebrate Spring in different ways and many special events fall in March, April and May.

For current information spring events, please visit the Environment Yukon website...

Watch Yukon newspapers and your mailbox for updates on spring events in your community. And look in your community for Yukon Biodiversity Awareness Month (YBAM) info, Earth Day events, Celebration of Swans and National Wildlife Week posters. (You can pick up your own copy of these at any Environment Yukon office).

This web page is one of the many ways that Yukon organizations work together to ensure that we recognize the season, our wildlife and the environment that supports us all.

Participating groups this year include:

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