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An educator's guide to wild caribou of North America

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Support Materials

On this page you will find ideas and materials to support activities and case studies found in Project Caribou.

Case Studies/Support Info/Links on Specific Herds:

Selkirk Herd (BC, Washington, Idaho)

Bathurst Herd (NWT)

Western Arctic Caribou Herd (Alaska)

Chisana Caribou Herd (Yukon/Alaska)

Southern Lakes Caribou Herd (Yukon Territory)

Porcupine Caribou Herd

Activity Support:

Likin' Lichen (p 90)

Data sheet for recording information in a one-metre quadrat (from E. Maltin)

Checks and Balances (p 66)

Data sheet for tabulating figures generated in this activity (from E. Maltin).

Oh Caribou (adapted from Oh Deer, Project WILD)

Here's an adaptation of the famous Project WILD activity.

Caribou Bingo

We have made up 24 bingo sheets for use in this activity. Download and print these documents:

Caribou Bingo Cards # 1-12

Caribou Bingo Cards #13-24

Questions Master Sheet

Song for a Caribou

Sound file of grunting caribou in a herd: wav or mp3

Sound file of the clicking sounds made by walking caribou: mp3

Listen and/or download "The Caribou Song" by Remy Rodden, from the album Think About the Planet. (MP3 format)

Other materials:

Caribou Anatomy

For those in communities with access to fresh caribou carcasses (legal hunting and subsistence activities), this comparative anatomy booklet (1MB PDF) will help with assessing animal health and learning about caribou anatomy. (Courtesy E. Maltin)

Your ideas are always welcome. If you wish to contribute, please send details to



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