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Please refer back to these pages often, for we will be updating and adding links on a regular basis.


Quebec Information and activities "en français".

Alaska Caribou: Wildlife Notebook Series - Alaska Department of Fish and GameHome to the 'Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series' publication. - 19k - 1 Feb 2006 -

Yukon Caribou Fact Sheet - Good summary of info on caribou in Yukon Territory, Canada
Flying in Caribou Country (PDF 900K) has current maps/charts of caribou numbers and distribution in Yukon.


CircumArctic Rangifer Monitoring & Assessment Network (CARMA) is a response to the Arctic Council's call to monitor Arctic biodiversity in the face of dramatic global changes.

Wikispecies list: Get the lowdown on taxonomy for caribou

Special Projects

"Being Caribou" expedition accounts offer excellent learning resource:
After five months of migrating on foot with the 123,000-member Porcupine Caribou Herd, the Being Caribou expedition has completed a full circle from Old Crow, Yukon Territory in Canada to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, and back. The information on the following links offer lots of information and inspiration found nowhere else
Being caribou site accounts of journey

Recovery Projects

Chisana Caribou Herd (Yukon/Alaska) recovery project -- a unique approach in caribou conservation! - This international herd (Yukon-Alaska) Chisana herd is the only population of woodland caribou in the United States. Their numbers have been shrinking and the average age of the caribou steadily increasing. In order to boost calf survival in this endangered herd, pregnant females were moved into a predator-proof enclosure to raise their young for the first few weeks.

Caribou Tracking by Satellite

Porcupine Caribou Herd Tracking -This is a cooperative project, between a number of wildlife agencies and Boards, that uses satellite radio collars to document seasonal range use and migration patterns of the Porcupine Caribou herd in northern Yukon, Alaska and NWT (see Journey North below).

Journey North: Tracking Caribou - Excellent new site incorporating satellite data generated by the Porcupine Caribou Herd Satellite Collar Project. Lesson plans, ask-an-expert and more at this site. Well worth a visit!

Links Pages

These pages offer many links to caribou-related sites.

Rangifer research page

Taiga Net Caribou Page

Beverly and Qaminirjuaq Caribou Links Page

"Animal Head" Reindeer and Caribou Links

Caribou Info: General Audience

Hinterland Who's Who: Caribou - A Canada-wide look at caribou for general audiences, including a video clip from the old TV spots. (Canadian Wildlife Service.)

Caribou and Reindeer - Short page with good photos and historical observations by 19th century naturalist Edward Nelson. (Smithsonian Institution, US National Museum of Natural History.)

Caribou and Human Culture

Rangifer Cultural Perspectives Links Page


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