Project Caribou
An educator's guide to wild caribou of North America

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The creators of Project Caribou believe that as many people as possible should learn about caribou. To that end, we are making the entire document available free-of-charge in PDF format.

However, if you wish to purchase a print copy of Project Caribou, you can do so through Wild BC, at a cost of CDN$25.00 (S&H included).

PDF Downloads

Intro and Credits: Includes Acknowledgements, Contents, Using this Resource, and Preface

All About Caribou: information section with background info on caribou.

Activities: French translations courtesy Parks Canada!!

Barren-ground caribou migration
Bioaccumulation: the story of time
Bot fly boogie
Build-a-caribou / Fabrication d’un caribou
Caribou bingo
Caribou and mammoth together
Caribou and the Internet
Caribou need a home, too! / Les caribous ont eux aussi besoin d’un espace!
Checks and balances
Co-management role play
Dilemmas caribou style / Les dilemmes à la mode des caribous
First Peoples stories about caribou
Likin’ lichen
Song for a caribou / Chanson pour un caribou
Symbolic caribou
What is a caribou herd?
Ya gotta lichen caribou

Case Studies

The Porcupine Caribou Herd
The Southern Lakes Caribou Herd
The Qamanirjuaq Caribou Herd
The Beverly Caribou Herd
The Telkwa Caribou Herd
The Southern Baffin Island Herd
The Peary Caribou Herd

Appendices and Cross-Referencing Index: Conceptual Framework, Glossary, For Further Study, and Cross-Referencing Index (by Grad, Subject, Skills and Topic)



Img: Caribou Herd