Community Monitoring: A Four-year Summary of the Arctic Borderlands Ecological Knowledge Co-op
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Ducks and Geese


  • “Drying up of lakes is resulting in fewer species in the region (OC 98/99)
  • “There’s a shift in migration [of ducks] to the east. A change in the Mackenzie Delta and coastal staging areas” (AI 99/00)
  • “lots of black ducks and geese. Never seen so many before” (OC 97/98)
  • “When I was kid the skies were loaded with ducks … today not very much birds.” (FM 98/99)
  • ” Crow Flat use to be noisy, not anymore.” (OC 98/99)
  • “Population is less and less. Short spring and summer season.” (FM 99/00)