Community Monitoring: A Four-year Summary of the Arctic Borderlands Ecological Knowledge Co-op
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Those interviewed comment on changes in local hunting and fishing activities, local employment and the local economy, language and culture. Reports indicate difficulties in finding employment in all communities and perspectives on loss of old ways of life. Monitoring social indicators of community well being is an undeveloped aspect of the the program. Refinement will be undertaken when community leaders so direct the Knowledge Co-op.

  • “Less jobs... If we get jobs it isn’t long enough to get unemployment.” (AI 99/00)
  • People aren’t going out (on the land) as much. . . Probably because of jobs in town. Living is much easier today...” (OC 97/98)
  • “Less and less hunters hunting; everyone stuck in town, inside their warm houses.” (FM 99/00)
  • “Language is being taught in school; the kids are being taught on land activities which is very good.” (AI 99/00)
  • “Language is taught..., but is not used.” (AG 98/99)